Inflation jumped from 7% to 18.3% in 16 months of President Buhari's Administration

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Inflation jumped from 7% to 18.3% in 16 months of President Buhari's Administration

Sources reveal Inflation jumped from 7% to 18.3% in 16 months of Buhari and that His fight against corruption is a farce!

"A real farce as blaming Jonathan's administration alone is really a joke!!" Says the source

The aggrieved reporter in his words said "So Was corruption not in Lagos state, Rivers state, in all states before Jonathan!?? All the money Tinubu stole while in government and when Fashola was governor, was it about Jonathan!?? All the money Amaechi stole in Rivers or Ibori and others were about Jonathan's administration too!?? 
Buhari is simply a gross misfit for the office - Inequity, Iniquity and Inequality with the worst record of managing our economy are the hallmarks of this government and particularly Buhari who did NOTHING for the first 7 months in office ... On that alone, he prepared the road for our present situation....!! 
Who on earth leaves an economy, a business unattended to for 7 months and turns round to blame others for his failings!?? Check out the obnoxious policies. 
From banning to unbanning, restrictions on free trade, 6 months of perennial fuel shortages, increases in cost of living that came from doing nothing and an astronomical hike in the cost of fuel... His handling of religious matters, safe landing for murdering Fulani herdsmen.. 
The calamity that is Buhari is beyond words... Corruption has always been with us and Buhari's administration is no different and you know it and you and I have spoken about even the confessions of Northerners that there's massive corruption under Buhari... Is there no corruption in Lagos still!?? Have we not talked about it too!?? 
Incompetence, Obstinacy, Exclusiveness and "Cabalized" attitude to governance is killing this country faster than anything else under Buhari, a 74 year old illiterate, parading himself about as if he knows anything while he makes himself even more unavailable to sound reasoning. 
All of these, even Obasanjo who brought him has said of him! Check out the Exchange Rate Policy of the Second Largest Economy in Africa (rumored to have an economic team) 1. N199 to $1 pilgrimage rate 2. N305 to $1 CBN interbank rate 3 N1 to $1 DSS rate 4. N500 to $1 Parallel Market rate 5. N285 to $1 petrol import rate Isn't this a shame!?? 
Let Buhari put Dasuki up for an open trial and you will know that half of the people in Buhari's team are also involved with Buhari himself! Buratai nko!? Abba Kyari nko!?? Dambazzau nko!??? I repeat, whoever brought this calamity on us deserves the anger of the people... Ta ni monkey!?? Nigerians are angry and rightly so...! 
How can the likes of Tinubu, Amaechi, Fashola, Aregbesola sit in judgment of anyone accused of corruption!?? You lock up Reuben Abati for a month for collecting N50 million on behalf of many journalists and Amaechi goes to dinner in Aso Rock, everyday, accused of embezzling N105 Billion on behalf of Buhari and you think Nigerians are fools!?? And Soyinka will unwittingly and insultingly defend Amaechi and eating a dinner with Amaechi that costs N78 million Naira!?? 
No one should add more insults to an already angry Nigerian right now by in any way using the corruption angle Ooo.

Reports by Gboyega Adejumo