Breaking News: President Muhammadu Buhari Is Dead News, Confirmed By CNN - Alive

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Breaking News: President Muhammadu Buhari Is Dead News, Confirmed By CNN - Alive

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has died in a London Hospital where he was receiving medical care, the Nigerian Mission in UK has confirmed.

According to the information released by Nigerian Embassy, Buhari left the west African country for a vacation in the U.K in other to undergo medical checks.

One of the president aids who accompanied him to the U.K and spoke on condition of anonymity said the president has been battling an “TERRIBLE DISEASE” for a long time now.

Though the decision to receive medical attention in a foreign country angered some of his countrymen.

The Nigerian community in the London has expressed deep shock for the president demise.

It is the second time that Buhari has sought medical treatment out side Nigeria; He also traveled to London in June 2016 and saw an ear, nose and throat specialist after contracting an ear infection.

Buhari, who was elected in march 2015 in Nigeria first democratic transfer of power , has previously promised to calmp down on so called “health tourism” where government officials travel abroad for treatment rather than petronizing Nigerian doctors.

In a speech in April 2016 to the Nigerian medical association, Buhari said the country lost around $1 billion to health tourism each year.

The president added that he will discourage government officials from elsewhere for treatment “especially where there is expertise in Nigeria”

Buhari’s owns decision to travel abroad for medical treatment irked some Nigerians, particularly in the light of generous allocation given to the state house clinic, which treat government officials, including the president in the country’s 2016 budget.

The office of the president is yet to issue an official statement to the president demise.