Amassoma Crisis: Final Year Fine and Applied Arts student of NDU 'EZE AMADI' confirmed dead

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Amassoma Crisis: Final Year Fine and Applied Arts student of NDU 'EZE AMADI' confirmed dead

NDU, Amassoma.

Following the clash between the angry youths of Amassoma and the security operatives (Police) a final year (400level) student of which was believed to be in the department of Theatre Arts but later confirmed to be in Fine And Applied Arts  has been confirmed dead.

Our correspondent told us that amidst the clash he was also a victim shot by the police which opened fire on the youths who started a peaceful protest at first.

Eze Amadi

The varsity, NDU has been shut down following students protesting the increment of fees. The school authorities relieved all student bodies, unions and declared a strike.

From our investigation, BNL Newspaper gathered that several workers in the Amassoma region which is the host community for the varsity lost their civil service jobs which also escalated to the people of the community going naked to lay curses on the incumbent governor of the state.

Many believe the clash between the police and youths of the community was a pay back from the governor to the community.

BNL Newspaper learned that the chaos occurred as a result of security operatives opening the varsity gate on Tuesday morning.
The citizens of the community came out peacefully to protest the opening of the varsity gate, the police opened fire on them leading to several deaths.
A source told BNL Newspaper; since they want to kill the school, let them leave it, we'll reopen when they leave power.
Which we believe was a statement directed at the state government. 
Another source said; after sacking Our mothers and no salaries, after trying to kill the school so people can go to his African university, he wants to open the school without properly addressing all these issues, then he should forget it....

Following the clash up to 12 persons where confirmed dead from our source.

However the death of a final year student known as EZE AMADI has left the entire student community and amassoma weeping.

Eze Amadi before his death.

His death was confirmed by several sources and our correspondent on whatsapp.

A now 400l theatre art student who was a friend to the deceased shared the sad news on his Facebook page,
Ayistar suoyo wrote;

Another Facebook user simply identified as 'It'z Jonathan Mckyntyre' who was a friend to the deceased also wrote;
Mazi Eze like I called him, the first time I saw him in my group during the tha125 class, all dat ran through my mind was "oh man Dis guy go worry me o"a dat was how I first saw him... Not until I started to talk to him, dat I discovered he was actually humble, Eze was one guy who on a normal circumstance would always want to banter, but wud actually not banter.. He was so down to earth, NDU has lost one of the best sculptor dat wud come out of NDU..... Mazi Eze you fought for wat u and ur families got as a source of income.... And u also fought for the interest of us your fellow students..... U were at the forefront of it all, and so shall u be at the mercies of the Lord...... U were a friend, u were a humanist, u were a brother, u were a student, u were a level mate, You were PEACE.......... Eze Amadi(Mazi Eze)I wud not say rest in peace, rather I wud say LIP (Live In Peace)...... U are a Hero!!!!!

Several persons has accused the government and condemned it's actions,
However the state government in a statement called the protesting youths hoodlums. 
The Bayelsa State Police Command has, however, said nobody was shot noting that it was Policemen that were attacked leading to the injury of one Police officer.
See Photos of Eze Amadi co*ps*;

This is a wake-up call to all youths to stand for their right - singer, Idyl said.

RIP to the deceased! The entire student community will miss you. God help bayelsa state.